by Mark Teppo

Published: October 21st, 2014
trade paperback -
ISBN 978-1-63023-005-0
ebook -
ISBN 978-1-63023-024-1
320 pages

Also available as an audio book.

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Rudolph! is a first-person account of the behind the scenes workings at the North Pole. Narrated by Bernard Rosewood, one of the elves of the North Pole Consortium, the story begins with Santa's realization that a young girl's holiday request of getting her dad back for Christmas isn't going to happen. Dad, you see, died in a car accident on a snowy road shortly after Thanksgiving. The NPC can do a lot, but they can't do miracles.

Enter Rudolph, who has been hairless, cranky, and perpetually irradiated since the unfortunate malfunction of the Nuclear Clock in 1964. Rudolph is a survivor of the worst accident in the four hundred plus years of NPC delivery, and if there is anyone on staff who believes in miracles more than jolly St. Nick, it's Rudolph. Bernie, in a valiant effort to keep Christmas from going off the rails, is swept up into a Heaven-storming, Hell-crusading, Night of Bad Musical Numbers adventure to ensure that every child wakes up with presents on Christmas Morning. Rudolph! is a funny and fast-paced reaction to fifty years of world-weary cynicism, technological advances, and post-millennial ennui since Rankin & Bass brought a stop motion reindeer into our living rooms.


"Rudolph! is a weird, wild, ridiculous ride through a funhouse mirror version of Christmas folklore . . . If you think you're over Christmas stories, Rudolph! makes a compelling argument to the contrary."
— B. H. Shepherd, Lit Reactor

"Teppo reates a complex situation, building on his previous novelette 'A Christmas Wish (Redux)' and using Mandelbrot, Dante, and Shakespeare as a roadmap through the afterlife and the fallout of the team's journey."
Publishers Weekly

"This hilarious Christmas tale won't be to everyone's taste, but for those who like snappy dialog, an imagination gone a little wild, and creative use of technology, Teppo offers a refreshing change from traditional Christmas stories. Loyalty and fidelity are tested and retested on this incredible journey."
SF Revu


Mark Teppo has written more than a dozen novels, both by himself and in collaboration with others. His Codex of Souls urban fantasy series preceded the occult noir revival, and his eco-thriller, Earth Thirst, revitalized the vampire mythology, bringing the old bloodsuckers into the 21st century. Recently, he's been out championing the printed book, and he is the founder and publisher of Resurrection House.

[ author photo by Brady Hall ]