Planning, Plotting, and Progress

by Mark Teppo

Published: March 15th, 2016
trade paperback -
ISBN 978-1-63023-100-2
ebook -
ISBN 978-1-63023-102-6
132 pages

[includes free download of ebook version]

What's the most annoying thing about writing a novel? They don't write themselves.
What's the second most annoying thing about writing a novel? No, really, they don't write themselves.
What the hardest thing about writing a novel? Actually turning your sexy outline into a real book. With words, and stuff.

Sure, you've got a really awesome outline, a notebook full of character sketches, and your work space is overflowing with "research" materials, but that blank page is still staring at you. Getting ready to write a book is one thing, but actually putting all the words down on the page--in the right order, more or less--can be even harder than coming up with a clever idea or two. Especially when you might have a full-time job already or a family that wants to see you at least once a month or more. How do these writers do it? How do they find the time and the persistence to actually finish a book?

Planning, Plotting, and Progress is the guidebook for building your novel, and it will answer these questions and more. Questions you didn't even know were lurking out there, waiting to ambush you when you reach the fourth or fortieth or four hundredth page of your manuscript. Here are tips to get from Plot Point A to B to R without getting too distracted along the way, as well as methods to find a rhythm and make it yours, and all sorts of helpful hints. The follow-on book to Mark Teppo's successful Jumpstart Your Novel, Planning, Plotting, and Progress is here to take your book to the next level.


Mark Teppo has written more than a dozen novels, both by himself and in collaboration with others. His Codex of Souls urban fantasy series preceded the occult noir revival, and his eco-thriller, Earth Thirst, revitalized the vampire mythology, bringing the old bloodsuckers into the 21st century. Recently, he's been out championing the printed book, and he is the founder and publisher of Resurrection House.

[ author photo by Brady Hall ]