by Mark Teppo

Published: November 7th, 2017
trade paperback -
ISBN 978-1-63023-109-5
ebook -
280 pages

After years of estrangement, Salvatora Quagmire receives an enigmatic phone call from her father. She comes home and finds no one running the office at Quagmire Investigations. While looking into the disappearance of her father, Sal is asked to investigate the death of Harvey Cartwright, a local engineer who knew her grandfather, the man who founded the family agency.

Aided by a hacker who sees patterns everywhere and an up-and-coming detective on the local police force, Sal starts to unravel a mystery involving lost cosmonauts, Civil War-era pistols, and renegade spiritualists. And when the enigmatic Night Office shows up, Sal has to confront the secret she’s been hiding for many years.

Sal, you see, can talk to ghosts . . .

Silence of Angels is the first book in a new series.


Mark Teppo has written more than a dozen novels, both by himself and in collaboration with others. His Codex of Souls urban fantasy series preceded the occult noir revival, and his eco-thriller, Earth Thirst, revitalized the vampire mythology, bringing the old bloodsuckers into the 21st century. Recently, he's been out championing the printed book, and he is the founder and publisher of Resurrection House.

[ author photo by Brady Hall ]